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On March 8, 2011, Healing Hands Community Clinic hosted a ribbon cutting at their permanent location in Blairsville, Georgia. I was on hand to cover it for the North Georgia News where I worked as a reporter/photographer at the time (see online article).

I remember the day well. As I took notes and snapped a few photographs for the story, tears welled up in my eyes. I could feel my heart thumping as God gave me the desire to help. With no medical experience, I wasn't sure what I could do so I volunteered to do a website. That is how I became involved with Healing Hands five years ago.

Since that time, I have also become their patient. The doctors and nurses welcome me and act like they actually enjoy what they are doing. I don't get the chance to say it very often, but I sure do appreciate the people at Healing Hands. God bless them and everyone that walks through their doors! - Janice Boling, Web Designer



"God works in mysterious ways." I’m sure everyone has heard that phrase, but I’d like to tell you about a time when I knew God was working in my life.

It started with a very unfortunate occurrence. In January 2013, my husband was rushing down the stairs at our church. He had an armful of books and was hurrying to get downstairs. He slipped and tumbled down about 17 carpeted steps. I was already downstairs and heard him fall. He had had a recent shoulder surgery and my first thought was that he had hurt that again. What I found was that he had broken his nose and it looked like a “C” shape. He would need treatment and we went to Dr. Wendy Smith, who was an ear, nose and throat specialist in Blairsville, GA. She had to operate on him to fix his nose. During one of his office visits with Dr. Smith, we sat in her nurse’s office and I saw brochures from Healing Hands Community Clinic. I asked that nurse, Jeri Ann King about the clinic and told her I was a retired nurse. She told me about the work of the clinic and that it was God’s work. I had no intention of getting a Georgia nursing license as I was “retired” and my license from Florida was due to expire. But, I agreed to come to the clinic and learn some of the secretarial work. I did go there, but immediately felt the pull to be on the nursing side.

I got my Georgia nursing license and started working at the clinic on Saturday mornings, doing what I was meant to do, nursing. I feel richly rewarded every Saturday, when I know God is directing me to help his children who need care. People ask me if we all volunteer at the clinic and I answer “we are paid in ways you can’t believe.” I see evidence, every week, that God is at work at the clinic. I feel so blessed to have had God direct me to Healing Hands. He does, indeed, work in mysterious ways. Only God could write the script for a series of events starting with a terrible fall down the stairs to work at Healing Hands on Saturdays. - Karen Backus, RN



My involvement with Healing Hands was a result of two events. Karen became interested in participating and then Paul H. Chaplin at that time said he was becoming too busy to continue. Karen told me about this and suggested I consider taking that position. It was my opportunity to give back to the Lord for all the blessing he had bestowed upon me. So I have had the opportunity to serve in that capacity for over two years. It has given me the chance to encourage some folks, to listen to their woes and to pray with the staff and those they serve. It does seem important to “give back” yet I leave every Saturday grateful for the opportunity to serve. - Tim Backus, Chaplain



Saturday morning I happened to be working on some computer problems at the Healing Hands Community Clinic located in the small mall behind Kentucky Fried Chicken in Blairsville. The place was full of very sick people, volunteers, etc. When I left that morning I think they had already helped almost 30 people with more waiting. There were people from all walks of life just like you and me. Because of the economy they no longer had jobs or insurance. They had no place else to go.

This is a faith based clinic not affiliated with any church. Just before they started for the morning they called anyone who wished to get in a circle and held hands as they prayed for the people, the Doctor, PA’s, Nurses, etc. who would be there that day. It was very moving and real. I felt like God was there.

The clinic is opened on Tuesday evenings and Saturday mornings. I was talking to one of the nurses for a moment and she told me that if every small church could give $50 and every large church $100 a month they could almost be opened every day. I wondered about businesses, and individuals; why couldn’t they give this small amount of money every month if they had it?

This is a place where, if a person qualifies under Georgia income laws, are not turned away. They serve patients from surrounding counties as well; most are from Union, Towns and Fannin counties. All funding must come from donations. They have clinics like this in Cleveland and Gainesville opened most of the week. These clinics see people with everything from the flu to having a terminal illness. Put yourself in their shoes. One day you have a job, insurance, a place to live, and the next day the job is gone. I know of one place you would be thankful for!

I have seen enough to be able to report, this is one place God’s money should go. If you need to become a patient or want to help others and be a donor, the best way is to call (706) 994-6768.
This place is for real and as I went out the door that morning after observing the people waiting for help, I left with a few tears. - James Sharrock, Retired Teacher UCS




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